15 Times Live News Broadcasts Turned Into Total Disasters

January 9, 2018

You really have to hand it to news anchors and reporters. Every single day, they go out there and brave the elements on live television for our viewing pleasure, and every single day, they do it with the knowledge that things could go south in a matter of seconds. Over the course of any given work week, they could be faced with horrid weather, interviewees with questionable ethics, animals, and…


15 Facts About Ticks That’ll Convince You To Stay Inside This Summer

November 13, 2017

When it comes to summer’s little dangers, few are nastier than ticks. These horrible little buggers are unpleasant to look at and they spread things like Lyme disease, which is the worst. If you think ticks are no big deal, then allow me to present you with 15 photos that might just change your mind. 1. Apparently, ticks can also get ticks. Reddit / testuserpleaseignore This is the worst of…