This Dog And Rat Are Somehow The Best Of Friends…Just Watch Them Play!

There’s no telling when or where you’ll meet your new best friend. It’s one of life’s most beautiful surprises! And these two fluffy friends make it seem even more adorable as they play around on the living room floor. The tiny rat is almost like a perfect mini copy of his dog best friend, with their similar fur patterns. But I’m sure even if one or the other were a…

January 26, 2018

15 Times Live News Broadcasts Turned Into Total Disasters

January 9, 2018

You really have to hand it to news anchors and reporters. Every single day, they go out there and brave the elements on live television for our viewing pleasure, and every single day, they do it with the knowledge that things could go south in a matter of seconds. Over the course of any given work week, they could be faced with horrid weather, interviewees with questionable ethics, animals, and…


Kid Becomes Trapped Between Two Cows In The Background Of A TV Interview

October 13, 2017

I love watching the local news during fair season, because you never know what kind of ratings gold you’ll find hidden in the background of each broadcast. It goes without saying that whenever you bring a camera crew to an event with lots of people, someone is going to try and ham it up for the cameras. Whether they make funny facial expressions or do a wacky dance, sometimes the…


13 Times Pomeranians Got Caught Being Gifts To The Universe

September 22, 2017

Not all people are into little dogs. Not all people are into big dogs. But all people are into adorable dogs. It’s basically science, and if you’ve spent more than 25 seconds on social media since the dawn of the Internet, you’ve probably noticed that the world can’t get enough of pomeranians and their bafflingly cute antics. Why? Well, it’s probably because they’re little puffballs from Heaven. When it comes…


This Dog Really Wants To Play With This Cat…So Much That He Starts Mimicking Her

June 10, 2017

Making friends can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even when you think you’ve found the perfect bestie, they might need a little more time to feel the same…which is something this hilarious husky is learning the hard way. He wants to play with his new cat friend so, so bad, but the feline is not convinced. Of course, that doesn’t stop the persistent pup from trying his darnedest….