Is Having The Sex Talk With Your Toddler Way Too Soon?

March 18, 2018

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); If you are a parent with young children, you’re likely dreading the moment that you have to give them the awkward sex talk. Though most of us agree that it can be (and often is) a very uncomfortable experience, there isn’t really a universal age considered to be the perfect time to discuss it. While we tend to assume we should wait until they reach their…


Man Hears A Heartwarming Story About His Late Father From An Unexpected Source

March 10, 2018

With the loss of his father weighing heavily on his mind, Johnny Cavazos, a businessman and property owner, found himself unable to sleep and decided to take a late-night drive to check on some of his properties. Driving around in his father’s truck was a sentimental experience. He had a few of his father’s possessions in the vehicle, which made him feel like he was right there with him. He…


People Said Some Awful Things About Her Baby But Her Love For Him Only Grows

February 26, 2018

Being different is tough in this world, especially if that difference is immediately noticeable. Amy Poole knew even before her baby boy was born that he was going to have a different nose than most kids. The ultrasound showed that Ollie had tissue growing on his face at around 20 weeks, so Poole prepared herself. Even though she knew about his condition, she was still shocked when she first saw…


She Thought She Was Just Going To Adopt A Kitten, But Got This Awesome Surprise

February 12, 2018

One of my biggest weaknesses is adorable engagement videos. It takes me approximately five seconds of seeing how in love a couple is to start weeping. There are some that get me more teary than others, though. When Jerad Forsyth and his girlfriend Kat Woodley went to adopt a kitten from the Erie County SPCA, he had a few tricks up his sleeve. With help from staff, the gray kitty…


After Learning That His Daughter Had Autism, He Made An Odd Discovery About Himself

January 29, 2018

Just after their daughter was born, Jessica and Chris Offer realized that she wasn’t “neurotypical,” which means that their unique little girl has some quirks. They do everything they can to make her happy and comfortable, but caring for her is way less overwhelming now that they know she has autism. While the little one’s diagnosis was big news in itself, they were totally stunned by what they figured out…


He Took A Cargo Trailer And Turned It Into One Seriously Awesome Camper

January 28, 2018

Camping isn’t exactly high up on my list of favorite recreational activities, but every now and then, I endure becoming one with nature. I’d probably enjoy camping a bit more if I had one of those tricked-out campers with hot water and a TV, but with those luxuries, is there really any need to leave my house for the weekend? It also doesn’t help that a fully loaded camper or…


This Is The Most Devoted Couple, Ever. They Never Spent A Day Apart From Each Other…Even In Death.

January 7, 2018

A couple in England spent the last 68 years completely devoted to one another, never spending a day apart. Not even death could separate the love birds: at age 91 and 92, George and Dorothy Doughty died within hours of each other from two completely different causes. George was already in intensive care for a chest infection when his wife was admitted for shingles a couple days later and, sadly unable to…


He Got Her A Puppy, But What The Dog Was Hiding Made Her Break Down

Listen up, people. If you want to propose to your favorite human before the bar is set any higher than it is right now, you’d better act quickly. When this young man decided to pop the question, he did something that would make just about anyone melt. Universe, meet Ava. Not only does she have the cutest name ever, but she also just became part of an adorable love story….

November 22, 2017

He Filmed A Tornado And Inadvertently Captured The Moment That Tore His Life Apart

November 7, 2017

After finding himself buried under what was once his home, Clem Schultz grabbed his neighbor’s hand and escaped the wreckage. His house had just been decimated by a tornado. The neighbor sat Schultz down on a fallen beam and said, “Don’t look down.” The 85-year-old looked at him, clearly puzzled, and asked why. “Because your wife’s right underneath you. She’s dead.” The revelation sent him reeling as he thought about…