21 Adorable Animal Smiles That’ll Have You Grinning, Too

May 25, 2017

Even on my worst day, if I see someone smiling or manage to crack a grin myself, I feel worlds better… And there’s a reason for that! Smiling not only demonstrates happiness, it can also cause it. A grin can even reduce stress. But you don’t need to be down in the dumps to feel overwhelming joy when you look at these smiley pets. 1. Look at those eyes! View…


They Kept Returning Him To The Shelter…When You Hear His Purr, You’ll Fall In Love

May 21, 2017

Tribble the cat has led a tough life. After three years in his first home, his owner passed away. He was returned to the shelter for a few months before being adopted by a family with four small children. They terrorized him. After three years of abuse, he was back at the shelter once more. When he was seven, he finally found his forever home — a place that appreciates…