As an interim fix though it may actually last years when you first notice that the cable starts giving you trouble but before you lose function, you can pull 1 the cable a few cm into the mouse there is plenty of room. The MX survived many moves during college and the subsequent years, has been shoved in laptop bags, sent through airport security, and now thrown in a box of “junk” and keeps on working. But just like the general that he is, he couldn’t give it up the working life, and took employment as a civilian. The lachess has 2 such buttons but they’re impossible for a right handed person to use because of the shape of the mouse and their position. The left click gave out but it put up with so much abuse and it still worked it just missed 1 out of 3 clicks unless you used the very bottom of the button. Edit-I looked at the manufacture date I love my G

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Pramac Product Sheet – MX

My MX has lasted around 3 years so far. The g recently went on sale on Amazon half off, I bought three.

Broke the scroll wheel detent in mine while cleaning crud mx 510 of it a couple years ago. Global Support Global professional service is provided by a network of qualified Mx 510 Distributors and Certified Mx 510. Almost all of the grey has worn off mine but it still works perfectly. Now I have a G I had a that lasted about 6 years.

While I have owned one for years, it unfortunate that it has angle snapping hardwired mx 510 it so FPS gaming is a less than ideal experience. I would trade them mx 510 to get a good G7, though. I dunno, but my G5 has been with me for 4 or 5 years now and it has survived countless drops and even beer spilled on it while it was on. The right click button became unresponsive. I have the G and it is the best mx 510 I have used since the MX I had one and it was great but it eventually broke.

Logitech MX510 Performance Optical Mouse

I had one for a while, but the scroll wheel started to break, replaced it and the same thing happened. I’ve been using the little buttons above and below the scroll wheel instead. mx 510

Was a great gaming mouse for its day, but I’ve been ready to move on to a good wireless, even though I doubt there’s much out there which will mx 510 the longevity of the No complaints whatsoever; it still mx 510 like a charm.

Customers can obtain warranty support by contacting: I’ve had it so long I can’t even remember when I mx 510 it I’ve had mine for about a decade and it still works like a charm and is still my favorite mouse. Obviously break it in with a game from I bought the G about two years ago and have dropped it about 10 times. We cleaned the contacts and tried to fix it mx 510 it didn’t work. We delete comments that violate our policymx 510 we encourage you to read.

It’s a great mouse that has only recently been given a worthy redesign, the G, and successor the G Ha yeah I have a red in the drawer.

Logitech MX Performance Mouse review: Logitech MX Performance Mouse – CNET

Generally plugging it in a few times would get it working again but it became a great annoyance. That mmx has seen some serious gaming. When mx 510 choose a product from Navico Commercial, you are automatically protected by mx 510 service and support program.

But in terms of performance, feel, and appearance, the Logitech MX makes a great choice for anyone who wants more mx 510 their mouse. Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers mmx, smooth operation I’ve stripped off mx 510 logo, lost the padded ‘feet’, but it’s more reliable than the generic mouse I got last year from work.

The only issue is that you have to fiddle with how it sits in the mx 510 these days for it to charge, but after 10 seconds you’re good and a charge still lasts about a week if you’re gaming daily. The quality is pretty hard to beat as far as precision and ease of use goes.

They have great customer support. Must it be placed over something for that to happen? Mx 510 had my G for 2 years before it acted up- it began disconnecting and reconnecting randomly.