Mother Nature Just Freaked Out And Made Two Volcanoes Erupt On The Same Day

Locals near Lake Managua in Nicaragua had a rude awakening on the night of December 2 when the Momotombo Volcano began erupting for the first time in over a century.

Small seismic swarms were felt back in 2013, but nothing ever came of them. Now, however, local schools and businesses are closing because of heavy ash fall and intense seismic activity near the site.

Aside from a bit of seismic activity here and there, the Momotombo Volcano has remained dormant since 1905.

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But all of that changed on December 2 when massive rumbles rocked nearby communities.

Plumes of smoke continue to billow out from the top of the immense volcano, and a steady stream of molten lava flows down the side of the mountain.

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Up until its last eruption in the twentieth century, this volcano was highly active. In fact, it erupted ten times between 1849 and 1905. All of that stopped until this week.

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Here’s what locals were met with that day:

Oh, and that’s not all. On the exact same day, Italy’s Mount Etna had a massive eruption of its own, spewing pillars of ash and lava into the air. What’s even weirder is that the plumes shot right up into a thunderstorm. To see it in action, check out the video below:

(via The Telegraph / International Business Times)

Needless to say, Earth was having a bad week. We all get upset, so we can’t really hold it against her. But when we fall into crappy moods, we don’t put people’s lives at risk. Fortunately, neither of these events caused anyone serious harm.

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