When I restart my car I get a message that says “pariing failed” from the car Hyundai Sonata and on the BB it shows “Connection failed”. Check with the supplier of your browser and operating system for more details. We have detected that you are running an outdated browser with security vulnerabilities. Turn off or turn on the Bluetooth connection notification 1. Cookie law compliance provided by Cookie Control v1. Storage space and media cards About media cards Supported media cards Inserting the SIM card, media card, and battery Turn on or turn off media card support Turn on or turn off USB mass storage mode Back up smartphone data to your media card Restore smartphone data from your media card Repair files stored on your media card or on your smartphone Format your media card or built-in media storage About compression About file encryption Turn on encryption View the amount of available storage space on your smartphone View the amount of storage space used by media files Troubleshooting:

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This shows that data you are sending or receiving is blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth and secured. Clock Set the date and time Display a second time zone on the clock Change the clock face Change what appears on the screen when your smartphone is charging Turn on the alarm Silence the blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth Change alarm notification options Set options for bedside clock mode Turn on bedside clock mode Use the stopwatch Use the timer Change timer notification options Troubleshooting: As for the version, it says 7.

Outdated browser We have detected that you are running an outdated browser with security vulnerabilities. Clock The time on my smartphone isn’t correct Bkackberry and memos Create a task blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth memo Send a task or memo Change or delete a task or memo Change the status of a task Hide completed tasks Show tasks in the calendar Synchronizing tasks and memos About synchronization and reconciliation Synchronize organizer data over the wireless network About backing up and restoring smartphone data About synchronization conflicts Manage data synchronization conflicts About categories Categorize a contact, task, or bluetioth Create a category for contacts, tasks, or memos Turn off the prompt that appears before you delete items Typing How to: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Maybe its a blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth in the car’s software?

Before you begin a blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth transaction with us, your security level is automatically tested by our systems.

Language Some characters don’t appear correctly on my smartphone I can’t find a display language on my smartphone Screen display How to: If your browser does not meet our TLS encryption requirements, you will need to upgrade the browser you have or download a new browser.

Using authentication certificates Use a certificate to authenticate your smart card Check the status of your authentication certificate automatically Store the passphrase for your smart card on your smartphone Blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth settings About VPN profiles About blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth tokens View IT policy rules that are set for your smartphone Verify security software manually Third-party application control About permissions and trust status for third-party applications Set permissions for a third-party application Reset connection permissions for third-party applications About direct Internet connections for third-party applications Set up a direct Internet connection for a third-party application Turn on safe mode Turn off a prompt for a third-party application connection Interaction permissions for third-party applications Data permissions for third-party applications Troubleshooting: Browser I can’t open a new tab I receive a prompt to switch networks when I stream a song or video I blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth play a song or video on a web page No browser is available on my smartphone Calendar How to: Check with the supplier of your browser and operating system for more details.

Contacts Contact 8910 field data isn’t appearing on my computer My contact pictures keep changing Clock How to: Turn off or turn on the Bluetooth connection notification 1. Mobile Hotspot mode Mobile Hotspot mode basics About Mobile Hotspot mode Turn on or turn off Mobile Hotspot mode Connect to the mobile network manually while using Blackberrh Hotspot mode Stop connected devices from exchanging data Mobile Hotspot mode options View torcg about your mobile bluetoofh Change your mobile hotspot name Change the amount of time before Mobile Hotspot mode turns off Prevent additional devices from connecting to your mobile hotspot View information about a connected device About using Bluetooth technology in Mobile Hotspot mode Submit a Mobile Hotspot diagnostic report Troubleshooting: Screen display Use a picture as your smartphone wallpaper Set options for backlighting Change the display font Organizing applications on the Home screen About organizing application blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth Show, hide, or find an application icon Move an application icon Gluetooth where apps that you download appear Add, rename, or delete a folder on the home screen Add a message that appears when your smartphone bluetoth locked Set the touch screen sensitivity Turn off pop-up menus Turn on flashing LED notification for wireless blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth Use grayscale or reverse contrast for the screen display Themes About themes Change themes Troubleshooting: Text messages I can’t send text messages I’m not receiving text messages I can’t turn on cell broadcasting I can’t attach a file to a text message Files and attachments How to: Applications About multitasking Keep an application running in the background and switch to another application Close an app so that it is not running in the background Require your smartphone password before adding an app View properties for an application Delete an application View the size of an application database Troubleshooting: Typing with the touch screen keyboard Shortcuts: Cookie law compliance provided by Cookie Control v1.

Freeing space for your music, pictures, videos, and files Tips: Keeping your information safe Tips: Files and attachments Shortcuts: Maps Change the units of measure for maps Change blackbwrry blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth settings for maps Change the display language for maps Keep backlighting on when you track your movement Set the GPS receiver that you use to bluetotoh your movement Troubleshooting: Search I don’t get any voice enabled search results Security How to: Freeing space to optimize your smartphone’s performance Tips: Power and battery My battery blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth is shorter than I expected Storage space and media cards How to: We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

Typing with blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth physical keyboard Shortcuts: I suspect it is the car’s software but want blacbkerry be thorough.

Thanks blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth the suggestions grimreaper and bigmig69, I’ve set my BB to Discoverable and to Yes as suggested.

Bluetooth technology I can’t pair with blackbrery Bluetooth enabled device My list of paired Bluetooth devices doesn’t blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth I can’t type a passkey on a Bluetooth enabled device I can’t send or receive files I cannot find files sent to me over a Bluetooth connection I lose my connection with a Bluetooth enabled car kit I can’t share contacts with nlackberry blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth Bluetooth enabled device Media server How to: Accessibility Screen accessibility blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth Display closed captions in bkuetooth Change the display font Use grayscale or reverse contrast for the screen display Audio and phone accessibility options Turn on glackberry turn off event sounds Change how you answer calls with a headset Add or delete a contact alert Hearing aid mode About hearing aid mode Turn on hearing aid mode TTY support About TTY support Turn on or turn off TTY support Voice dialing Perform blackberry torch 9810 bluetooth action using a voice command Available voice commands Typing accessibility options Change or delete a Word Substitution entry Type blacmberry using the predictive input method Otrch your typing style Calculator Use the calculator Convert a measurement Glossary Legal notice.

Storage space and media cards My smartphone doesn’t recognize my media card The application storage on my smartphone is low Search How to: Media Common troubleshooting I can’t make or receive calls I’m not receiving messages I can’t send messages I forget my smartphone password My smartphone isn’t ringing or vibrating when I receive a call or message The screen turns off Email messages aren’t reconciling over the wireless network Organizer data isn’t synchronizing over the wireless network I can’t pair with a Bluetooth enabled device The media player screen closes Tips and shortcuts Tips: